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Doctor Hot Special

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Doctor Hot Special (Black / Stone)

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  1. Loess far-infrared radiation anion emitter Bio-ceramic using Tohwangto's Dr. Hot Special Loess emits large quantities of far-infrared radiation, penetrating deeply into our bodies to restore health and effective transmit warmth. It has high thermal resistance, making it safe for use as it doesn't change temperature. Anions, sometimes considered as vitamins, are emitted into the air for physical and mental stability and relief from exhaustion.

  2. Loess regenerative hot pack Dr. Hot Special's regenerative method stores heat energy in ceramic to contribute to economic energy reduction. This environmentally-friendly method was developed based on the know-how of Tohwangto's years of experience.

  3. The first safe heat pack support The special hot pack support was designed with a focus on safety to prevent secondary diseases such as overheating.

  4. Can be used freely after quick recharge In just! 5 minutes, you can charge it and then use it as you like for over 2 hours.

  5. Non-electronic waves safe for humans During actual use, with the exception of the 5 minutes of charging, no power is used to keep it safe for humans, and it has been certified safe by Korea Testing Certification as a safe, convenient product.

  6. Components: A safe support that doesn't slip / A support that heats even during moving / Pocket offered to hold the hot pack.

  7. Recommended for use: - for cold stomachs / for frequently cold limbs such as hands and feet / for menstrual pain during periods / for any area needed warmth / for women's lower abdomens / for cold relief / for post-pregnancy / for health centers (physical therapy, skin clinics, nursing homes) / during outdoor activities (exercise, fishing, walking, etc.) / for heat in individual rooms (families, offices)

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Doctor Hot Special

Doctor Hot Special

Doctor Hot Special

Doctor Hot Special