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Silicone cupping set

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Silicone cupping set


  1. A manual cupping system using the principles of acoustic pressure to promote circulation with cutaneomuscular absorption

  2. A patented cupping system that can be easily used by a single person with one touch.

  3. Made of soft, high-quality silicon with no rubber smell

  4. Stretchy and absorptive for use even in curved areas of the body

  5. A unique product developed using the optimal material with a wide contact surface

  6. Korea Testing and Research Institute registered item: Korea Testing and Research Institute Manufactured Item Report No. 11-129 / Korea Testing and Research Institute Manufacturer Permission No. 3432

  7. One-Touch Cupping System patent registration (no. 10-1161405) / Octopus (Cupping System) trademark registration (no. 0932116) / Design registration (no. 662376)

  8. The cupping system is recommended for the following people
    - People who want to manage their health to improve circulation
    - People with stiff necks due to stress
    - People with stiff shoulders from computer use or overwork
    - People whose feet are sore from walking or standing a long time
    - People suffering from back pain
    - Elderly people who want better circulation
    - Women who want better circulation in their abdomens
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Silicone cupping set

Silicone cupping set

Silicone cupping set