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Waist support wrap

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Waist support wrap


  1. A health belt developed based on application of corset and pulley principles along with the body's dynamic systems

  2. You can choose for yourself where to put this belt (spine, or the pelvic region), which uses the principles of pulling and pushing to reduce discomfort (Sizes: S, M, L, XL)

  3. Various pulleys are arranged on the left and right and linked to a handle for light, easy twisting and untwisting with this health belt

  4. Alternating use of the Strong Stomach Belt with suitable exercise helps keep your waist and pelvic region healthy

  5. Made of a handle, Velcro attachments, pulley, string and support

  6. Once worn, it firmly holds the waist and pelvic region and uses the power of pulling to relieve discomfort to the waist.
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Waist spport wrap

Waist spport wrap

Waist spport wrap